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ENTREP 380: Bay Area Experiential Seminar

Quarter Offered

Fall: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 11 a.m. – 12:20 p.m. CT, Evanston
Winter: Thursdays, 11a.m. – Noon PT, San Francisco




Fall quarter:

In this class, students participating in Farley’s Bay Area Quarter will prepare for the winter 2024 experience by studying the history of Silicon Valley and its culture of innovation. Through books, podcasts, guest speakers, and discussions, the class will provide context for the externships and site visits that will be part of the Bay Area Quarter experiential seminar. It also is intended as a way for the cohort to develop a community and gain practice in goal-setting. Students will work collaboratively on presentations, as well as create strategic plans that align with each individual’s goals for the quarter in San Francisco.

Winter quarter:

In this experiential class, students will gain exposure to work culture in the Bay Area. This will include externships at companies, from startups to Big Tech, in which students will shadow and/or interview employees to gain an understanding of the organization. The on-site externship – once a week for 6-8 weeks – will be supplemented by readings, reflection papers, and weekly, hour-long discussions with the professor and classmates. Students will also submit a final paper summarizing broad class learnings, as well as observations specific to their host companies. This course is taught at 44 Montgomery in San Francisco as a part of the Farley Bay Area Quarter program and is only available to students admitted to the Farley BAQ program. 




Course Details

Requirements that this course satisfies: This course satisfies the experiential course requirement for the undergraduate minor. 

Duration: 80-minute course sessions, twice per week; or 3-hour course sessions, once per week (3-hour courses include regular breaks and are broken into lecture, discussion, and groupwork portions); 2 quarters (Fall and Winter) 

Class size: 25 students 

Course number: ENTREP 380 

Who Should Enroll: Only students enrolled in Farley’s Bay Area Quarter program may enroll in this course. 

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