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Graduate Minor

The Graduate Minor in Entrepreneurship is designed for students who want to apply an innovation mindset and entrepreneurial skills toward their career path, gain the tools and network to take a business idea to the next level, or be an innovator within their chosen industry.

The minor is open to master’s degree students in the following:

  • McCormick School of Engineering (all master’s degree students EXCEPT MMM, MBAi, MLDS, and MPDS)
  • School of Communication’s MS in Leadership for Creative Enterprises (MSLCE) program

Note: the minor is not open to PhD students, although they are welcome to enroll in Farley Center courses.

Students enrolled in the graduate minor program must complete coursework beyond what is required by their primary degree programs* and may need to extend their degree completion date by one quarter or more.

Course Requirements

The graduate minor requires three total credits and must be declared at least one quarter before graduation. The following policies should guide the selection of coursework.

1) At least one credit must be from an approved experiential course listed below.

2) One credit may be applied from a graduate-level course related to entrepreneurship from another department or program on campus if the student receives prior approval from Farley Center staff.

 3) Any remaining credits should be sourced from Farley Center courses listed at the 300 level and above. To find a full listing of current offerings, please visit our course schedule page.

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