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ENTREP 395: Corporate Innovation

Quarter Offered



None, but prior coursework in entrepreneurship is highly recommended and a familiarity with the business model canvas is assumed.


This course explores ongoing industry transformations driven by external factors, business model shifts, and technological innovation. Students will analyze the diverse drivers of corporate innovation; create strategic models for firm scalability; deconstruct business models for innovation opportunities; contextualize growth imperatives within market dynamics, regulatory shifts, and global challenges; and understand the impact of corporate culture. Additionally, they will delve into corporate venture capital, internal incubation processes, M&A decisions, and gain the tools to champion change within organizations. The course will also feature guest speakers from the industry.

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Course Details

Requirements that this course satisfies: Serves as experiential core requirement for the Farley undergraduate minor in entrepreneurship as well as the experiential requirement for the Farley graduate minor in entrepreneurship. 

Duration: 80-minute course sessions, twice per week; or 3-hour course sessions, once per week (3-hour courses include regular breaks and are broken into lecture, discussion, and groupwork portions); 1 quarter 

Class size: 25 students 

Course numbers: ENTREP 395

Who Should Enroll: 

Upper-level undergraduates or graduate students with a keen interest in business innovation, strategy, and transformation.

Individuals aiming to lead change initiatives within established firms.

Students curious about the interplay between startups, corporates, corporate culture, and broader industry shifts.

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