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ENTREP 331: Entrepreneurial Sales and Marketing

Quarter Offered

Fall: Mondays and Wednesdays, 5 - 6:20pm
Spring: Offered, times tbd; Evanston




 The goal of the course is to teach students about the tools and strategies that startups use to generate revenue. It covers a broad range of topics related to sales and marketing including branding, positioning, lead generation, direct selling, social media, content marketing, influencer marketing, SEO, paid search, email marketing, and other current trends. The class is a mixture of lectures, breakout groups, and guest speakers


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Course Details

Requirements that this course satisfies: Serves as the marketing requirement for the Farley undergraduate minor and fulfills an elective requirement for the Farley graduate minor in entrepreneurship. 

Duration: 80-minute course sessions, twice per week; 1 quarter 

Class size: 30 Students 

Course number: ENTREP 331 

Who Should Enroll: Any undergraduate student interested in expanding their knowledge of entrepreneurship and innovation. 

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