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ENTREP 395, 495: History of Innovation

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This class will provide historical context for the current technology revolution, focusing on innovations dating to the printing press. What problems did Johannes Gutenberg—and others since—seek to solve, and why? What can future innovators learn from the past? Through readings, guest speakers, and the faculty’s own experience with tech innovation, students will learn how we got to where we are today and how they can prepare for what comes next. 



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Course Details

Requirements that this course satisfies: Serves as an elective for the Farley undergraduate minor and fulfills an elective requirement for the Farley graduate minor in entrepreneurship. 

Duration: 80-minute course sessions, twice per week; 1 quarter 

Class size: 30 students 

Course numbers: ENTREP 395/495 

Who Should Enroll: Any undergraduate student interested in expanding their knowledge of entrepreneurship and innovation. 

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