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ENTREP 395: Entrepreneurship in Synthetic Biology

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Founding and growing a successful company requires building an ecosystem in which such an organism can thrive, meeting changing needs as it transits stages of development. This course targets graduate students in business, science, and engineering with interest in entrepreneurship and commercial innovation in the synthetic biology industry. Weekly seminars from external experts will introduce general principles and illustrative lessons for early-stage businesses, driven by case-study-based examinations. The course will culminate in collaborative development of business plans and models geared towards nucleating new ventures. 


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Course Details

Requirements that this course satisfies: Serves as the experiential requirement for the Farley undergraduate minor and fulfills the experiential requirement for the Farley graduate minor in entrepreneurship. 

Duration: 3-hour course sessions, once per week (3-hour courses include regular breaks and are broken into lecture, discussion, and groupwork portions); 1 quarter 

Class size: 30 students 

Course numbers: ENTREP 395/495 

Who Should Enroll: Graduate students and advanced undergraduates interested in expanding their knowledge of the intersection of synthetic biology and entrepreneurship. Students in business, science, and engineering are encouraged to enroll. 

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