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Michael Marasco, Founding Director of the Farley Center, Has Stepped Down After 13 Years

After almost 13 years as Director of the Farley Center of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Michael Marasco has stepped down as the founding director.

Mike wrote a white paper for the idea of creating a interdisciplinary entrepreneurship center in 2006 and founded the Center in 2007 which was endowed by James and Nancy Farley less than 12 months later in 2008.

Under Mike's direction, the Farley Center has grown exponentially, serving almost 800 students from all of Northwestern's various schools last year. Creating the Farley Center from an idea to an academic center with a minor and over 30 class offerings, Mike has dedicated countless hours of his time, expertise, and unwavering support to many students who have been forever changed by experiencing entrepreneurship.

At the Farley Center, we celebrate Mike's passion for students and teaching, as well as his dedication, kindness and empathy.

Read more about Mike Marasco's impact on the Northwestern Community here.

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