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NUvention: Web+Media 2020 Final Pitch

Farley’s NUvention courses are key to the center’s goals as it exposes students to the entire innovation and entrepreneurial life cycle through hands-on application. This Spring quarter marked the second quarter of NUvention: Web + Media, a two-quarter capstone course where students design, plan and run web-based businesses. However, this quarter was rather different from its previous half. Coming in to the second quarter and adapting a fully online model of class in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the teams of NUVention: Web+Media had to adapt accordingly. On May 20th, student groups from the course presented their work at the online trade show, presenting their work developed for two quarters to course faculties, guests, and the course’s advisory board.

PicKart: Social decision making app

When making decision, no matter how big and small, people often turn to their friends for advice. PicKart provides users a platform to aggregate their possible shopping choices across various platforms and ask their friends for preference. A user can gather different products from online marketplaces, add these product to their personal page, and send this personal page to friends to ask for their recommendations among these products. The PicKart team expects that this app will help users make decisions for many occasions including weddings, parties, shopping, and more.

Trumpet: Platform for local musicians

The Trumpet team have been building an app that could help venue owners organize performance schedules and band lineups in the course’s first quarter. When social distancing became the norm due to the pandemic, the team had to face a pivot- but it didn't stop the Trumpet team’s devotion for the local music scene. Trumpet is a platform that helps musicians publicize their live online concerts and music fans find them. The musicians can create band profiles and live-stream events. Music fans can browse events by date, time and other filters.

Loyal-to-Locals: Take out and help out

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the dining experience. Now most people rely on delivery apps when they want to order food from a restaurant. However, despite its necessity, most of these mainstream delivery app charge fees to the owners. Loyal-to-Locals might be a solution. The team of Loyal-to-Locals built a loyalty program for local restaurants that provide their own delivery service. By ordering from Loyal-to-Local’s platform, users can support their favorite nearby eateries and reducing their reliance on expensive online delivery services.

Bene: A space for your memories

In the past, people made scrapbooks or kept a box of memorabilia to remember their travel. Nowadays, we rely heavily on our phone and taking pictures to remember the experience while travelling. Bene brings the scrapbook experience to phones. The team of Bene developed a mobile app that digitizes, saves and tells stories with photos, documents and other artifacts. The users can organize and share their travel experience through Bene, which might be the perfect quarantine activity to do for people who miss their travels.

Homecare: Healthcare Management at Home

In families where there are members who need special care, it can often be difficult to know if someone else has already completed the task. Tasks can often be forgotten and it can be time consuming to have to constantly check in through text. This is where Homecare comes in. With features like task delegation, calendarized recurring tasks and automated text reminders, families can more easily and more effectively manage healthcare at home.

WEFIT: Bringing Social to Fitness

A common trend in people maintaining their fitness goals tends to be in making it social as well. WeFit aims to do that by creating a platform where people with common fitness goals can interact with each other, motivate each other, and keep each other accountable.Some features include being able to post and update statuses to keep users and friends accountable to goals. Users will also be able to see their friends’ latest workouts and congratulate them on successes, almost like a LinkedIn for fitness.

TENDON: CRM for Independent Physical Therapists

A patient’s relationship with their physical therapist is extremely important, but this can be a challenge especially when it’s hard to keep track of personalized exercises and tasks to be done. It can also be difficult for the therapists to remember patient details when making conversation and building rapport.

Tendon provides a platform that enables independent physical therapists to manage their patients’ home exercises.Some features include a space for the therapist to share video exercise instructions and a clear list of the patient’s daily regimen guide. There is also built-in instant messaging, quick-access notes of patients’ conversations for the therapist, as well as a simple patient referral system.

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