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In Farley's experiential project-based NUvention courses, students work with interdisciplinary teams to move new ideas through the entire innovation lifecycle—from ideation to prototyping to launch.

NUvention: Arts and Entertainment

Apply the process of innovation and venture development to music, television, and the performing arts. 
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NUvention: Energy

Address the major environmental challenges that define our era through the development of ventures in the sustainable energy and clean technology space.
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NUvention: Media

Discover the impact of AI and computational technologies on the future of media and acquire skills to launch AI-powered ventures in the industry.
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NUvention: Medical

Explore how clinical needs evolve into medical technologies and viable ventures in this two-quarter course bridging four Northwestern schools.
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NUvention: Transportation/ Mobility

Develop a product or service and a business plan to address the revolutionary changes in the ways in which people and things move.
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